Town of Dunn Storm Shelter

The Town Storm Shelter has been featured in a FEMA publication. Read more about how the Town and FEMA worked together to create this storm shelter.

On November 13, 2009, the Town of Dunn opened a storm shelter at 699 Norman Drive in the Bay View Heights Neighborhood. During severe weather, the building will be open to anyone wishing to seek shelter. The following is a list of rules that must be followed while at the storm shelter.

Shelter Rules:

  1. No smoking.
  2. No drugs or alcohol.
  3. Walk to shelter if walking can be done safely.
  4. If you must bring a pet, it must be confined within a carrier and placed in the designated pet area in the shelter.
  5. Follow instructions of On-site operations team members in red vests. 
  6. Report any problems or injuries to the On-site Operations team.
  7. Supervise children closely and keep them nearby.
  8. Please keep noise to a minimum so that weather updates and instructions can be heard.
  9. All music and entertainment devices must be used with earphones or muted.
  10. Maintain a calm and orderly atmosphere.

What to Bring to the Shelter:

  1. Any needed prescriptions, over-the-counter medication or medical equipment.
  2. Personal care items, baby care items.
  3. Important papers.
  4. Appropriate clothing for weather conditions.

What NOT to Bring to the Shelter:

  1. No illegal drugs, no alcohol, and no weapons of any kind will be allowed in the shelter.
  2. No large items that take up space needed for people.
  3. It's best if you do not bring your pet, but if you feel you must, the pet must be confined in a carrier and must be kept in the designated storage area for pets.
  4. Don't bring a car if you can safely walk to the shelter.