Town of Dunn Leaf Management

When rain falls on leaf piles, it creates "leaf tea" that drains into our lakes. Leaf tea contains nutrients that are harmful to our lakes. These nutrients contribute to toxic algae blooms, murky water, and weeds. It only takes one pound of phosphorous to produce 500 pounds of algae. This phosphorus settles to the lake bottoms and continues to feed algae blooms for years. You can reduce these nutrients from entering our waterways and protect our water resources by participating in our leaf management program and managing your yard waste the right way.

Am I in an eligible leaf management area? Fall leaf collection is available in the Town in limited areas. The Town does not have a spring leaf collection program.

  • Lake Kegonsa Leaf Management Eligible Addresses
  • Lake Waubesa Leaf Management Eligible Addresses
  • Waubesa Beach Neighborhood. *New for 2019* In a collaborative effort, the Waubesa Neighborhood Association, Town of Dunn, Lake Waubesa Conservation Association (LWCA), and Dane County Parks have formulated a pilot program for a centralized leaf collection area for the Waubesa Beach Neighborhood beginning Nov. 1st through Nov. 26th. Residents may bring their leaves to a centralized leaf collection area located in the parking lot of Goodland Park. Site rules: Leaves only - no brush, weeds, tree limbs, rocks, animal waste, or other non-leaf material. No bags - leaf bags must be emptied and removed from the site. Please fill the collection site from left to right and cover leaves with the provided tarp to prevent water from creating leaf tea. For questions regarding this pilot program, please contact

How do I participate in the Town's Leaf Management Program?

  • Participants must be in an eligible leaf pick-up area.
  • Leaf collection is dependent on weather and when leaves fall.
  • The Town intends on conducting two pick-up rounds per leaf collection area.
  • Yard signs will be posted throughout your neighborhood to notify you a collection will be taking place soon.
  • When you see the neighborhood signs, rake leaves parallel to the road edge.
  • Leaf piles should be no more than 4 feet in width and shall not be piled in ditches.
  • Leaves beyond the reach of the leaf vacuum will not be picked up.
  • Leaf piles must be placed in front of your own home and away from any mailboxes or parked cars.
  • Do NOT put brush, rocks, animal waste, and other non-leaf material in leaf piles.
  • These items may damage the Town's leaf vacuum machine.
  • Do NOT park near leaf piles.
  • Do NOT blow or rake leaves towards or into the lake.
  • Do NOT burn leaves. Burning is prohibited in leaf pick-up areas. Ash from burnt leaves contains highly concentrated amounts of phosphorus that can be deposited in the lake from runoff.

    Ordinance 14-7: Regulating Leaf Disposal and Collection

Following these steps will help protect our lakes:
Participating in the Town's Leaf Management Program
Mulching leaves where they fall in your lawn
Bringing leaves to the Town of Dunn Transfer Site

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For further questions regarding the Town's leaf management program, please contact Kelsey Shepperd at

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