Do You Need A Permit?

Dane County Zoning Permit: May be needed if you are: altering an existing building, constructing a new building, doing major repairs, constructing or altering a deck or other structures such as a fence, adding a solar collector, adding a bay or bow window, cleaning out drainage ditches or ponds, doing any brush or tree cutting, filling or grading in a flood-zone, wetland or shore-land area. Contact Dane County Zoning at (608) 266-4266 or email for more information.

Building Permit: In addition to a Dane County Zoning permit, you may also need a Town of Dunn building permit to build, repair, remodel, move, replace siding, re-shingle your roof, etc.

Driveway Permit: A driveway permit is required to locate, establish, construct, or substantially reconstruct a driveway, road, or other access, to a property from a public highway or to a private road within the Town of Dunn.

Wrecking Permit: A wrecking permit is required prior to the demolition of any structures.

For building permit questions, information, permit pricing, to submit a building or wrecking permit application, or request inspections, please email or call (608) 838-1081, ext 206.

Highway Excavation or Road Right-of-Way Permit or Road Right: Needed when cutting or boring under a town road and working in the town's road right-of-way.

For highway excavation permits, please email or call (608) 838-1081, ext 201.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a building permit to replace windows or doors? A building permit is not required for the replacement of doors or windows if the size and location are to remain the same.

What is my zoning district? Zoning districts can be found by visiting the AccessDane website and searching for your parcel. Zoning districts are listed on the bottom left-hand side of the page. Questions related to your zoning district should be directed to Dane County Zoning. You may contact Dane County Zoning at (608) 266-4266 or by emailing

Does the Town have any regulations on fences? The Town does not have any fencing ordinances or regulations - we just ask that fences are placed only on your own property and outside of the road right-of-way area. If there are easements on the property, please check with the easement holder to see if a fence would be allowed. If there is a platted drainageway, fences are not allowed in these locations. Also, if applicable, please check with Dane County Zoning as they DO regulate fencing within special zoning districts. As this a Dane County Zoning regulation, please contact Dane County Zoning at (608) 266-4266.

How long are building permits valid? Building permits are valid for 2 years from the date of issuance. Commercial electrical permits are valid for 1 year from the date of issuance. 

What are the setbacks on my property? Dane County Zoning oversees the setbacks for properties in the Town. Please contact Dane County Zoning for setback information at (608) 266-4266 or by emailing

How to Make a Payment:

Choose from these payment methods for citations, dog licenses, permits, or other miscellaneous payments:

1. Pay by Check: 
Make checks out to the Town of Dunn. Mail checks or place in our drop box located outside of the front of the Town Hall. Our address is 4156 County Highway B, McFarland, WI 53558.

2. Pay Online with a Credit or Debit Card
Visit Enter the pay location code of 8430 for citations or 8431 for permits. Then select the Town of Dunn. (Note: Online payment convenience fees may vary. A flat fee of $3.95 for VISA debit cards. A fee of 2.75%-5% applies with other debit cards and all credit cards.)

Pay Permit Fee Online

3. Pay by Phone with a Credit or Debit Card
A GovNet agent will be able to assist you with making an online payment. A small service fee is charged for the transaction. Please call 1-888-604- 7888 to make a payment over the phone. 

4. Pay By Cash
If you can only pay by cash, call the Town Hall to make an appointment. 

Note: Online payments provide the quickest turn around time for issuing permits.

How to Obtain a Building Permit:

 The Town of Dunn will be happy to assist you with obtaining a building permit or with any building permit questions.

  1. Fill out a Town of Dunn Building Permit Application or a Town of Dunn Wrecking Permit
  2. Submit the application form, detailed project description, and copies of any applicable Dane County permits to or 4156 County Road B, McFarland, WI. There is a drop box located outside of the front door of the Town Hall.

 ***Note: For all new home construction, please contact Kelsey to request the Town's New Home Building Permit Application.***

How to Request Building Inspections:

Please email Kelsey at or call (608) 838-1081, ext 206 to request inspections. In your request please include the address, the type of inspection(s) you are requesting, your name and company if applicable, and call back number.

Other Town of Dunn Forms and Instructions

Application for Appointment to Committee/Commission(Fillable pdf, you may either mail the application to the Town Hall or click the "Submit" button on the top of the form to e-mail the form to the Town Hall) or email to

Application for Emergency Volunteer Group: Please submit application to or mail to the Town Hall.

Dog License Application (Neutered dogs are $15.00, un-neutered dogs are $26.00. A $5.00 late charge will be charged for all delinquent licenses issued after March 31). Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope, and the completed license will be mailed to you. Please submit application to or mail to the Town Hall.

Fireworks Permit Application: Firework permits are free. Please submit application to

Interment Application (Prior to burial, the Town must receive a completed Application for Internment and a grave marking fee of $50.00. Please submit application to

Operator's/Bartender's License Application: Please submit application to or mail to the Town Hall.

Outdoor Furnace Permit Application: Please submit application to or mail to the Town Hall.

Rezone/CSM/CUP Applications: Please submit application or mail to the Town Hall.

Road Event Application (For events that use Town roads or parks): Please submit application to Andrea at or mail to the Town Hall.

Special Assessment Form ($20.00 fee per parcel. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope, and the completed certificate will be mailed to you. Otherwise, include a fax number and/or email address with your request). Please submit application to or mail to the Town Hall.