Urban Forestry

Heritage Tree Nomination Request

Do you own an oak over 36 inches in diameter, a hickory over 24 inches in diameter, or any tree over 48 inches in diameter?

Do you own any tree or shrub with historical significance?

Do you have a tree identified by the Town Board as having significant arboricultural value to the citizens of the Town?

Then you might be able to add your tree to the Town's registry of Heritage Trees! Please fill out the following form and return it to the Town Hall:

Heritage Tree Nomination Request


The Town of Dunn Tree Board continues to make strides in the promotion and management of our urban forest.  For seven years in a row, the Town has been recognized as a "Tree City USA". 

Benefits of becoming a Tree City:

  • Becoming a Tree City requires education to improve current urban forestry practices.
  • Tree City signs tell visitors that the community cares about its environment.
  • Tree Cities may be preferred over other communities when allocations of grant money are made for trees or forestry programs.

The Town of Dunn Tree Board: Tim Andrews (Chair), Peter Kaseman-Wold, Don Schmidt, Tony Cole, and Jay Hoel. Staff support: Hardy Krueger.  If you would like to be on the agenda or have tree related questions, please contact Hardy Krueger at 608-838-1081 ext. 207.